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Mar 26, 2013 6:00am EDT
the age of google and facebook and twitter to have three straight sessions with nothing but data into. there's a simpler solution of the. we need to find, need to find, when you do if a minute sooner rather than later. >> is posrep the app that you develop? is it operational? >> yes, we launched live aid weeks ago. it's been tremendous. still in database. we've got about 3000 users on the platform. through the data was gathered and threw the observations with me, we know this is already saved lives. we see connections happened in real life. i could fire it up right typically defined veterans around the d.c. area who are using and we could connect with them. veterans that i don't know myself personally but they are out there. >> and this generation of warfightewarfighter and soldiere have is all reconnected when they get in a military, and connectivity in the chesapeake -- is a key part. >> they just need to find one of the our generation -- >> [inaudible] >> the new generation of veterans, that it is the american legion and vfw like they used to. those are both tremendous organiz
Mar 21, 2013 6:00am EDT
working at google. and i think that we using the best of both worlds in managing sentinel, which is the best in the world. with the innovative, rapid and cost effective methods that are learned at google. the secret to success as a learned of both of these organizations is hiring the very best people, and i think we've done that. i do want to talk about desperate to have a difficult and. we are a public-private partnership. we have a space act agreement to which nasa will be allowing us to use the deep space network a telescope, to transfer the data and also nasa experts are part of our team. they're a very important part of our project. sentinel is important on a number of levels. not only what let us know if an asteroid will hit the earth but it will find asteroids that nearly come close to the earth. this happens all the time. disasters come close to the earth will be attractive targets for exploration, and robots in the coming is to associate an asteroid the thought of an impact trajectory, i'm reminded there's a 30% chance there is a five-megaton or impact that will hit as this
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2